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this is my song ..
I took a quiz from Munnibunny (can't believe I got fire element, wtf is that? *sulks*) anyways, I took a quiz and then browsed through them and so here's a few I took under the cut. Not anything important lol just random ones that you can snag and do yourself [:
Do You have a Type A personality?Collapse )

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this is my song ..
27 March 2008 @ 09:07 pm
*scratches her head*
So I was on my way to finish up a history write up on four battles Canada was involved in when I saw that I'd been tagged to do this thingy. o.o

Tagged by the lovely unrequited666

List fifteen fictional characters that you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

   1. Mr. Sammy Winchester -Supernatural (tv series)
   2. Papa Winchester -Supernatural (tv series)
   3. Prince Char -Ella Enchanted (movie)
   4. Cyclops -X-men (movie)
   5. Danny McCoy -Las Vegas (tv series)
   6. Craig -Degrassi The Next Generation (tv series)
   7. Socks -Reaper (tv series)
   8. Corny Collins -Hairspray (movie)
   9. Link -Hairspray (movie)
  10. Dean Winchester -Supernatural (tv series)
  11. Achilles (sp?) -Troy (movie)
  12. Nick Callahan -Beyond Borders (movie)
  13. Lindsey McDonald -Angel (tv series)
  14. ...*clears her throat and makes sure Jodie's not looking* Ianto Jones -Torchwood (tv series) *palmface* I so don't watch that show. I swear.
  15. Prince Darian/Tuxedo Mask -Sailor Moon (anime) oh come on! You know you all wanted him when you were young too!
  16. Half the male cast from The Young and the Restless (soap opera)

Uhm, I ttaaggg..... everyone on my flist that hasn't done this yet!! [:

And here are some pictures that I randomly took of myself. They're not the best, I'm being completely honest but meh. Check out my ugly mug x3

eyes and lips
me on the stairs
my eyes again o.O
I look kinda freaky here ...
I looked down *palmface*
*whistles* not paying attention [:

And for the record? I totally didn't mean for me to look like a cereal serial killer but all the ones of me smiling didn't work out *palmface*
Byes for nows! lol
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this is my song ..
24 March 2008 @ 12:30 pm
I don't get it.
I've posted in spnstoryfinders like three or four times, other people have posted a zillion times! And it won't let me post! I keep getting this client error saying my maximum number of posts for the community is finished!

I don't get it!!
What'd I do wrong?
sf gsdf hsrthd htjry ur y kuy fg

So how's everyone's easter been? *cheery smile*
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this is my song ..
14 March 2008 @ 05:56 pm
Hey guys, how's it going?

I've been looking around in stores but I just can't seem to find it so I'm wondering if any of you know. Where are Marc Broussard CD's sold?? I mean, I live in Canada, so is it only an American thing? *wrinkles nose confusedly* Or do you have to buy them offline?

Better question; do you know what I'm talking about? lol
this is my song ..
08 March 2008 @ 01:07 pm
Question: What's a street term for a prostitutes buyer? Like not the 'pimp,' or, 'sugar daddy,' but the paying customer?
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this is my song ..
So it's kinda official.
I went away for the weekend and this is the first time I've been online since like Thursday so yeah. I apologize for not responding to anyone but umm. While I was gone something happened.
Something serious,
Something horrifying,
And it included shoes,
and Jodie,
And James Collins writing a song for me.
Because me?
I've been suckered into auditioning for Canadian Idol.
April 13th or 14th. We leave, Jodie, my Aunt and I on thursday the 11th, and then? Then we go shopping, I have about a zillion panic attacks, Jodie finally gets to meet the great, gay James Collins, and I gotta sing in front of four judges. Two of whom are fudging douchebags.
It's not American Idol. I don't get to be judged by three people who actually know real talent when they see it. But I'm thinking I stand a chance. Farley Flex and Jake Gold are amazing. Gotta respect them.
I swear I'll die of a heart attack
*le faint*
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this is my song ..
25 February 2008 @ 10:06 pm
Stolen from bettygoboom   because she's dirty like that xD <3

this is my song ..
25 February 2008 @ 08:37 pm
LiveJournal Username
Male or Female?
Your name isSamantha
And you are dead
You are also a psychicTrue
And you are secretly in love withbettygoboom
Your trusty sidekick is j2_babygirl86
And you hate the Winchester brothersTrue
Your chance of surviving a hunt at all is
And on the last bar-hop, you spent$550
This Fun Quiz created by katie at BlogQuiz.Net
Pisces Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Goodness, what a trouble maker my lj is O_O
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this is my song ..
22 February 2008 @ 03:21 pm
So I just got kicked out.
Which pretty much means I'm sitting in my computer chair completely numb with no where to live.
You know those people that cry because their mom and dad make them do the dishes at night time before they get to have their cake or watch a hockey game with the family?
Them people?
Can bite me.
this is my song ..
20 February 2008 @ 10:08 pm
Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even this prompt.
Author: prettifuls_pout
Title: The Truth of My Scars Part 5/?
Rating: NC-17 over all
Warnings: Slash! That meeeeans, male/male sex, mucho masturbation, and lots of kinkyness.
Genre: Romance, Angst, Comedy
Pairing(s): Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, Michael Rossenbaum/Tom Welling, and others in the future.
Word Count: 1900ish
A/N: Okay, so inspired by Trueshellz plot bunny that demanded a J2 fic with swimmer!Jensen and PT(that's Personal Trainer if you're like me and don't have a clue)!Jared. Self edited!

Well I was gone for a little while, and I had this mainly finished so I wanted to post it but I had to leave to see family and what not and then I got all sick and feverish and what not so blah. But I'm posting it now, and I've really been trying with my updates cause I clearly suck with them (:

Also, thanks for the quick edit by psychotic_scam ^_^
Fic Summary: AU Swimmer verse. Jensen Ackles is a hot shot swimmer at the UT, but what happens when his trainer falls sick and he's stuck with a replacement, a very sexy, very stubborn Jared Padalecki? Porn ensues.
Chapter Summary: Continues after the anniversary party. Every things wound down, well everything accept Jensen that is. And Mike and Tom. And Jared? Well he's -Jared.
Previous parts can be found here

banner by trueshellz

my heart aches its so: calmcalm
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